ED WRIGHT: Composer

Drop! A sonic marble run

Polarities - Concerto Grosso for Orchestra and Live Electronics Recorded at St James Church, Piccadilly, SW1.  Performed by Philharmonia Britannica Orchestra conducted by Peter Fender.

Studio version available to buy on CD here

The Way I Saw It - for violin and fixed medium

This piece explores the age old idea of the duet, in this case it is between live violin and a pre-recorded tape part . The source sounds for it were recorded as a journey from home in Bangor, along the coast and up through the woods to Aber falls.

Live concert recording.

Starlight Snowfall - for strings and live electronics

Crosswire - for violin, DSP and projected image

Crosswire is a piece of music, manifested as a computer program. Historically many of the artifacts of musical creation have been almost interchangeable with the actions that they represent.



For video, 8 channel audio and sampled harp

Wordless Prayer

Using a small relay, arduino board and a bit of coding to make a metal bowl chant the lords prayer.


Studio 'mock up' version of the work done for Blinc/Conwy castle by Tim, Wendy and me.


Live version recorded at Blinc


Emma Louise playing with the Hopscotch motion tracking piece.