ED WRIGHT: Composer


Links to things that you may find useful or interesting... In the case of companies this does not imply any affiliation or endorsement!



The record label behind it all :)


Ed Wright on Wikipedia, precisely that!


PhD thesis available on-line.

Violin online violin teaching.


Electroacoustic Wales


Electroacoustic and acousmatic concerts based in Bangor University, Wales.


Bangor New Music Festival

Bangor New Music Festival

Pytheas Center for Contemporary Music

Pytheas Center for Contemporary Music

S.A.R.C. Belfast

S.A.R.C. Belfast home to one of the most amazing surround sound diffusion rigs in the world.

Helfa Gelf Art Trail

A series of 'open arts studio' events in North Wales.


Linux Ubuntu
An arguably far better OS than mac or windows if you are willing to work at it, and its donations only :)


Free audio sequencing and editing environment.

Pure Data
Open source object based programing environment for dsp.

A more code based computer programing environment.

Cycling 74 (Max/MSP/Jitter)
Object based programing environment for audio, video and data processing.

USB circuit board prototyping and programing tools



Audio library for Arduino

Dirty Electronics
Electronic instrument design and hacking.