ED WRIGHT: Composer


This table includes all known performances to date.

9/3/05 The Way I Saw It Bangor New Music Festival
17/6/05 The Way I Saw It Sonic Arts Network-Expo
1/7/05 Passage Art Forum Antwerp
12/1/06 In Memory Of Thomas
Royal Cambrian Academy

Celtic Cross
9/3/06 En Masse Bangor New Music Festival
8/6/06 Botany Llandudno Festival
26/10/06 Enough~? Electroacoustic Wales
15/3/07 Harp Set Bangor New Music Festival
26/8/07 Broken Glass S.N.O.G. fest


Harp Set
1/10/07 Botany Storm FM
25/10/07 Postcards from Home SARC - Queens University Belfast
15/11/07 Postcards from Home Electroacoustic Wales
28/2/08 Con-chords Bangor New Music Festival
13/3/08 Harp Set Risk of Shock
20/3/08 Broken Glass WFMU Broadcast USA
8/4/08 Harp Set PACE - DMU
5/6/08 Postcards from Home BBC Radio 1 (Wales) broadcast
25/6/08 Broken Glass Religion and Arts conference UWB
28/6/08 Klangs project Alban Hefin Llanrwst
26/8/08 The Way I Saw It S.N.O.G. fest

En Masse

En Masse S.N.O.G. CD release
18/10/08 Con-chords Coast fm/Champion broadcast

Postcards from Home
1/11/08 Seasons Llandudno Festival
28/2/09 Polarities UWB USO
1/4/09 Polarities Blipfonica CD release Blip001
5/4/09 Castell Bangor New Music Festival
11/7/09 Con-chords Blipfonica at Speakers Corner

En Masse


Postcards from Home
24/10/09 Y Twr Conwy Castle Conwy Food festival
7/11/09 Polarities St. James Piccadilly London
16/4/10 Starlight Snowfall BUSE
1/5/10 Symbiosis: PhD Thesis Bangor Uni lib. & Nat Lib of Wales
28/8/10 Thinking Inside the Box Cell Rhuthin for Helfa Gelf

The Way I Saw It

Postcards from Home


Harp Set

2 Site Specific Works Blipfonica CD release Blip003
2/9/10 Crosswire
Penmaenan Community centre

Harp Set

7/9/10 Starlight Snowfall Culture Colony Launch Aberystwyth
12/9/10 Harp Set Helfa Gelf Hendre Hall
16/9/10 Crosswire Frakture Pilgrim pub Liverpool

Harp Set

19/9/10 Crosswire Helfa Gelf Hendre Hall
10/10/10 En Masse Risk of Shock
23/10/10 Y Twr Conwy Castle - Food festival 2010

Thinking Inside the Box

Postcards from Home
4/11/10 Crosswire Electroacoustic Wales
12/11/10 Harp Set Live Music at the Greek
Postcards from Home
En Masse
16/3/11 Hopscotch Risk of Shock
30/3/11 Postcards From Home BBC Radio Wales 19:00-19:30
31/3/11 Postcards From Home Bangor New Music Festival
23/4/11 Hopscotch v2.0 Good Robots at Hendre Hall
25-6/6/11 Hopscotch BEAM Festival
28/6/11 Hopscotch Blue Sky Bangor
10/7/11 Hopscotch Frakture St. Luke's Liverpool
28/30/7/11 Wordless Prayer Bangor Cathedral
7-20/9/11 Folksong Helfa Gelf Penmaenan
9/9/11 Live Study
16/9/11 Live Study Helfa Gelf Galeri Caernarfon
The Way I Saw It
Sound Games
1/10/11 Sound Games The Good Robot Hendre Hall

Hopscotch V2
21/10/11 Live Study Risk of Shock
22/10/11 This is Tomorrow Blinc Festival Conwy
23/10/11 Jackdaws
19/11/11 The Way I Saw It
Starlight Snowfall
Blipfonica Live Penrallt
11/02/12 Crosswire
Capel Ebenezer Caernarfon
03/03/12 Con-chords CSUF New Music Fest U.S.A.
10/03/12 Who Can Hear the Sea Bangor New Music Festival
02/04/12 The Way I Saw It Safle Celf Galeri Caernarfon
02-13/04/12 Hopscotch
Safle Celf Galeri Caernarfon
10-12/04/12 Who Can Hear the Sea Interactions Symposium
27/04/12 Con-chords International festival of innovation in music production and composition - Leeds
9/5/12 Use of Crosswire Inventor Composer Coaction (ICC) Edinburugh
17/05/12 Postcards From Home University of Hertfordshire UH Sonic
22-24/06/12 Crosswire
BEAM Festival Brunel University
1/07/12 Sound Games Cauldrons and Furnaces Caernarfon Castle
27/07/12 Crosswire Scaledown London
15/08/12 Crosswire Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium
10/09/12 Postcards from Home ICMC2012 Slovenia
9/11/12 Sound Games
Postcards From Home
The Way I Saw It
Blipfonica Underground
24/3/13 Crosswire Code Control Leicester
30/3/13 DROP! The Good Robot Hendre Hall
18/5/13 Crosswire
Y Twr
Blipfonica at St. Paul's
8/11/13 Jackdaws Electroacoustic Wales
7/03/14 iDemons Wet sounds Bangor
18-20/10/15 Sonic Wavelab Llawn 03
12-13/3/16 There is a Place Pontio: No Fit State
12/5/16 Postcards from Home dronesTruck Minneapolis
28/6/16 Ricecar OscilloScope
20/8/16 Conchords (diffusion of stereo) OscilloScope
13/9/16 Ricecar+ Proto Elips Proto Elips opening Tabernacl Llandudno
17-25/9/16 Ricecar+ Proto Elips Tabernacl Llandudno LLawn 04
27/9/16 Crosswire OscilloScope
3/3/17 Crosswire Listen to the voice of fire: alchemy in sound art - National Library of Wales Aberystwyth
30/9/17 Accretion Entropy
Ogwen River Festival
31/10/17 "Like Shoting-stars over Petrol Pools"
03/02/18 Space to Think
Bangor Music Festival
27/02/18 Accretion Entropy
10/03/18 Solo Electronic and violin improv
Listen to the Voice of Fire Ceregigion Museum
14/03/18 Accretion Entropy BBC Radio 3 Exposure - Neuadd Ogwen
23/07/18 Space to Think NYCEMF - Abrons Arts Centre New York
22/06/19 Accretion Entropy Clouspotting Festival
03/08/19 Odilon's Winding Gear National Eisteddfod of Wales
07-09/08/19 Susurration Gwydr Forest National Eisteddfod of Wales
10/08/18 Accretion Entropy National Eisteddfod of Wales


Venues: Wales, England, Ireland, Scotland, Mainland Europe , USA & Canada